IT professionals understand that the unemployment rates in the IT are still low, while the competition continues to grow. Like security and network engineers and software developers, having skills beyond the expertise will benefit the IT profession.

Here are ten skills IT professional must have to move beyond their expertise.

Project Management

With the confidence of IT leaders and budgets rebounding, more companies are looking for project managers who can help keep projects on the right track. Being able to complete a set project that works on your schedule and business is in high demand for 2017 and the next years to come.


Cybersecurity is the top priority for many clients, and there are not enough experts to fill the demand. With more high-profile hacks that make headlines every day, businesses are looking for more security to protect their information and data before they become the next targets.

Network Experts

While the demand for network professionals began to slow down, the need has grown to its all-time high. Web professionals and engineers have recently become one of the hottest skills and requirements for IT professionals. The video stream, web collaboration, and security are all necessities that expert networking professionals need to move beyond their expertise.

UI/UX developers and designers

Clients are looking for more than just an IT professional. They want to have a quick and easy user experience. If they are using an enterprise software solution, gaming or shopping, designers, and developers of experience and user interface are high in demand.

Big Data

Businesses are struggling to control the flow of data they generate. With user data, purchasing data, customer behavior data, and leads; companies are looking for professionals who can create solutions to their data problems. IT experts should be able to process, interpret and analyze data to build the company’s success.

Quality Assurance Testing

Quality Assurance Testing goes together with UI/UX. This seamless front-end won’t do any good for a business if there is no good software behind the network. Research shows that the demand for QA testing has raised over the past year as brands are looking for applications that can achieve that.

Cloud engineering

With the shift towards hybrid cloud and public cloud infrastructure, skilled IT experts who understand the procedures of setups, integration performance, and securing cloud deployments will be favored in 2017. As the cloud is continuing to evolve, companies require expert skills that range from infrastructure specialists, architects, developers, and engineers.


As companies start to realize that they need a liaison between the executives and the IT department, Dev0ps will be there to ensure that each IT project meets the requirements and goals of the company’s strategy. This will be the melting pot to form what is used for separate roles in the business analysis, systems administration, engineering, software and strategies to integrate technology into initiatives.

Analytical thinking

Technical experts must move beyond the point of details and think about the big picture. How will they learn to see the minor and major details of the project? A strategic leader will need to understand how to strategically set a clear vision and inspire their team to perform well.

Analytical thinking requires a thorough understanding of the company and the position in the industry. The primary focus should be focused on how IT experts and the group contribute to building success for the business.


IT experts are masters of facts, control processes, and data management. However, they must also develop the skills of communication. Leaders must learn to inspire their team to provide feedback, manage conflict and encourage others to move towards the primary goal of the project.

Technology professionals are proficient in building their tech language. However, they must also learn how to communicate and compete for resources. Tech experts must become influencing leaders and work efficiently to achieve clear and persuasive communication.

Flexible leaders understand how to use analytic and technical problem-solving. IT techs must have a range of solutions to solving problems and manage approaches to the concept. Flexible leaders have a core style in leading their team but also have the skills and awareness to adapt to what’s needed to achieve favorable results.

Do you have these skills as an IT expert to help you move beyond your expertise and further your goals? What other skills do you think IT techs need for success? Comment below and tell us what you think!

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