Just as you would for every profession, it is important to use the right tools for your job. With an IT profession, some tools are necessary. Whether it is tools for diagnosing technical issues and troubleshoot or quick hacks that make tasks reach faster results; many tools will help IT, professionals.

Here is a list of the top 10 useful tools for IT professionals that we have found useful.

1. PC Decrapifier

Using a new system isn’t as easy it should is expected to me. Many files and programs play a role in taking up too much space, trialware, and crapware. The PC Decrapifier removes the unnecessary software fast and easy by finding and identifying software that is relevant to delete.

The program will also suggest that the items selected for removal require your approval to ensure that necessary files are not deleted on accident.

2. Ninite

For most IT professionals, setting up a new system is a significant part of their job. This involves two crucial stages in the process. First, you must delete all unnecessary software from the system that has been previously installed. Then you must install programs that you will need.

Many tools will help you remove pre-installed software. Our favorite is Ninite. All you have to do is select the programs you want on the website and download your customer install to run the software. Ninite will then handle the process and automatically download and install the programs.

3. CCleaner

CCleaner is a tool that removes old, unused, and temporary files from the local system. CCleaner will also free up valuable space on your hard drive to help your computer run fast and efficient. This tool will optimize and clean out the system, which comes in handy when the computer starts to run slow.

Additionally, the device will run a basic to an advanced scan to remove available fonts, entries, files and more.

4. Darik’s Boot and Nuke

Whether you want to use your drive in another location, transfer to another employee or erase sensitive information securely, it can be hard to completely wipe out a single drive or a series of drives.

This tool is open software that makes clean up easy. The tool will automatically delete the content it detects on the hard disk and performs various tests to overwrite the data. It is booted from the portable software and will operate just outside of the operating system.

5. Defraggler

This tool is another free software that comes from Piriform, the company behind CCleaner. While there is a paid version for this, this is a fast and useful tool for disk defragmentation and offers a variety of advantages over the standard Windows Disk Defragmenter.

If you want to defragment one file or an entire source, Defraggler will give you to complete control over your space and allow you to customize the entire process.

6. Recuva

For every office, there are a large number of requests from employees who accidently delete important files. Although Recuva isn’t able to find and recover every single file, it does offer a free method to retrieve data that is removed and a user-friendly interface.

Recuva also includes a tool that will wipe files it identifies. This makes it a great tool for IT professionals to find and restore deleted files.

7. Sysinternals Suite

Sysinternals suite is one tool that every IT expert should work with. The suit is not an official Microsoft product, but it is free to use. It contains a variety of programs that includes autoruns, process explorer, and debug view to help you manage, diagnose, monitor, and troubleshoot in Windows.


Another free program that can be used for Dos and Windows is HWiNFO. This tool offers a comprehensive hardware analysis, reporting, and monitoring feature. The tool allows you to view the specification of the system you want to diagnose with significant details.

Additionally, you can gather the right information that relates to the process, BIOS version, and clock speed. HWiNFO is also readily available to sit on your flash drive to take along with you.

Got any IT tools that are not on the list? Comment below and tell us what you think!

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